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Application Development

Ideas, innovation, and impeccable execution: unveiling the future through application development

Application Development

Tailoring solutions to suit your
unique business needs

At Simple Logic, our application development services are dedicated to crafting well-designed, user-friendly, and lightning-fast apps tailored for both internal and external users. With a wealth of experience in UX and UI design, proficiency in various architectural patterns, and expertise across diverse tech stacks, we empower businesses worldwide to create, manage, and modernize custom applications using cutting-edge technology.

As a versatile desktop, web, and mobile application development company, we specialize in building bespoke solutions for Web, Windows and Mobile platforms. Simple Logic offers end-to-end software development services that seamlessly adapt to your project’s unique requirements and business objectives.

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Our Services

A multifaceted approach –
our comprehensive application development services

Desktop Application Development

We offer a holistic range of desktop app development solutions, like .Net, Java, etc. Covering everything from app design and database construction to the seamless implementation of backend functionalities, ensuring your Windows application is ready to conquer the market.

Web Application Development

At Simple Logic, our web architects master cutting-edge patterns like microservices, headless, progressive web apps, .Net, Java, PHP, ROR, etc. Meanwhile, our developers skillfully wield diverse web tools, ensuring timely, high-quality results through effective project management.

Native Application Development

We specialize in crafting native web applications through custom frameworks. Our engineering teams have a stellar track record of delivering top-tier applications and possess extensive expertise in widely acclaimed open-source technologies, including React Native, Android, and IOS.

Mobile Application Development

Our mobile app development enhances or replaces web solutions with a specialization in cognitive, conversational, Cordova, Ionic, etc and contextual app development that seamlessly integrates data-driven insights for an elevated customer experience.

Hybrid Application Development

Our teams are competent in engineering cross-platform hybrid applications by integrating functionalities of native applications for the applications to perform like native apps. Experts continuously integrate key frameworks such as Cordova, Flutter, and Ionic to optimally harness web technologies, operating systems, and UI.

Cross Platform Development

We’re competent in developing cross-platform applications that seamlessly function across Android, iOS, Windows, and other operating systems. The team has a robust understanding of Flutter, React, and Xamarin for delivering feature-rich applications that are cost-efficient and perform optimally across platforms.

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Building your app ecosystem the
phases of our application development process

As a premier global desktop, web, and mobile app development company, we prioritize user-centric design, infusing product thinking into every development phase. Our app developers leverage cutting-edge technology, resulting in scalable, customizable, maintainable, and cost-effective applications throughout their lifecycle. Our dedicated team, ranging from developers to performance tuners, ensures holistic expertise, and when necessary, we collaborate with specialists from other domains such as Database, OS, and Middleware to deliver comprehensive solutions.

Microservice Based
API Driven

Application Development Lifecycle and Methodology

At the core of our operations, we embrace best-practice processes and development methodologies, providing a solid foundation for the swift creation of cutting-edge technology solutions with a structured and systematic approach. To cater to specific client needs, we are agile in our approach, seamlessly incorporating software development methodologies such as Scrum and Waterfall as required

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Agile Methodology

Scrum, an agile methodology, powers efficient software development through iterative processes. It excels in adaptability, speed, and effectiveness, placing the customer at the heart of value delivery. With transparency, collective responsibility, and continuous progress as its cornerstones, Scrum transforms high-level concepts into a prioritized product backlog that aligns with the product owner’s vision.

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Waterfall Methodology

The Waterfall approach stands as a pioneering SDLC Model in Software Engineering, celebrated for its historical success in project delivery. This method segments the software development process into distinct, sequential phases, where each phase’s output seamlessly flows into the next, ensuring a structured and proven path to project success.

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