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Robotic Database Administration with AI-Admin

Transforming your business database administration

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AI-Admin – revolutionizing
the work efficiency

Prepare for a groundbreaking transformation in your work methodology with AI ADMIN – Robotic Database Administrator. This innovative solution promises to enhance the way you operate, as it can efficiently manage general administrative tasks at various levels, from L0 to L1 and even L2, to a certain extent. The AI ADMIN operates tirelessly, delivering consistent and precise results every time it’s called upon, ultimately boosting productivity. With the added capability of Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI ADMIN services seamlessly collaborate with DBAs, setting the stage for a new era of operational excellence.

Imitate the DBA activities

We are automating DBA tasks using NLP’s Supervised Learning. This method teaches the system from each tasks allowing it to replicate the process for future tasks. Our solution is versatile AI ADMIN – Robotic Database Administrator can work smoothly handle related tasks across different databases, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

DBA Tasks

We effectively handle and resolve Proactive, Reactive, and Informative DBA tasks. Our system provides easy access to all audit log activities for root cause analysis (RCA). Additionally, seamless integration with the helpdesk system simplifies tracking, while customers enjoy the convenience of accessing instant MIS reports at their fingertips.

Enhanced Productivity

AI ADMIN – Robotic Database Administrator can effortlessly handle tasks on one or multiple servers simultaneously without any dip in productivity. This means that an increase in workload won’t impact its efficiency. Even when more tasks are assigned to the AI ADMIN – Robotic Database Administrator, it continues to deliver consistent performance.

What is AI-Admin?

Introducing AI-ADMIN, your all-in-one solution for handling Proactive, Reactive, and Informative DBA tasks, meticulously crafted by seasoned Database Administrators, across technologies. This robust solution ensures swift and precise outcomes, and it's highly scalable to accommodate your growing needs. AI-ADMIN maintains round-the-clock connectivity with your Database, guaranteeing enhanced uptime and meeting SLAs while effectively managing costs.
The AI-ADMIN Bot interprets customer inquiries and delivers rapid responses. Best of all, this solution is accessible from your smart devices, which is why we fondly refer to it as your Robotic Database Administrator!


Continuous process enhancement
and optimization

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Continuous process enhancement
and optimization

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User-friendly interface: enhancing
accessibility and usability

Authentication and Security Available

Enhanced Security: Exclusive Access for Authorized Users, Ensuring Server Protection


Best Practice Excellence: All Tasks Designed According to Certified DBA Guidelines

Error Free Approach

Informed Decision-Making: Leveraging Previously Gathered Data and Specialized Algorithms to Enhance Accuracy and Precision

Higher Uptime

Uninterrupted Operations: Achieving 100% Uptime with AI-ADMIN’s Around-the-Clock Availability

Resource Independence

Liberate Your Resources: Break Free from Hiring, Retaining, and Training Cycles to Invest in Scalability

Ease to Navigate

Seamless Access: User-Friendly Interface Puts All Essential Information at Your Fingertips


Efficiency in Multiplicity: AI-Admin Robotic Database Administrator Handles Multiple Requests Simultaneously Without Compromising Quality

Ready for RCA

Comprehensive Ticket Logs: Providing a Ready Reference for Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Action Planning (POA)

ITIL Complaint

Crafted for Customer Value: Our Solution Adheres to Industry Best Practices, Prioritizing Customer Needs


Thorough Ticket Documentation: Every Proactive, Reactive, and Informative Request/Ticket Includes Attached Logs for Proper Maintenance

Realtime MIS

Instant Access to Real-Time MIS: Available at Your Fingertips for All Levels, Including DBAs, DBA Managers, and Business Heads

AI-Admin: Pioneering Tomorrow’s Administration

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