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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

OCI – your partner in driving
performance Innovation

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services

Oracles cloud evolution –
A new horizon for cloud technology

As a trusted Oracle Cloud Partner, Simple Logic knows that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is your gateway to a powerful cloud platform. It helps organizations build a variety of applications and services, from traditional business needs to the latest cloud innovations.

At Simple Logic, we are committed to unlocking OCI’s capabilities to ensure your success in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

How Simple Logic Can Help You

We are your trusted partner in simplifying your cloud journey. We specialize in seamlessly migrating your on-premises workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and architecting new, cloud-native applications. Our comprehensive managed services cover every facet of your OCI environment, from vigilant monitoring to proactive patching and expert troubleshooting. Our unwavering 24/7 support is your dedicated partner, committed to ensuring that your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) journey is not only smooth but also highly successful

Our Services

A complete oracle cloud infrastructure
services and platform for all your workload needs


Empowering innovation and optimizing
cloud utilization with minimizing environmental impact

Performance and Scalability

We ensure you have the flexibility to easily fine-tune your resources, so your infrastructure can expands as needed while delivering strong performance and efficiency.

Reliability and

With high reliability and scalability we ensure your OCI environment remains resilient and scalable, provide peace of mind for your organization’s growth and data protection needs.


With us you tap into this ever evolving landscape, ensuring your organization stays as the forefront of the latest cloud technologies.

Simple, Reliable, Future-ready – Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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