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Oracle BI Publisher

Transforming data into action
with oracle BI publisher

Oracle BI Publisher

Reporting and publishing
solution for better business

As a strategic partner Simple Logic plays a pivotal role in helping organizations harness the full potential of this robust reporting solutions. We specialize in implementing and optimizing BI Publisher to create, manage and deliver a diverse array of highly formatted reports and documents, tailored to your specific needs.

Simple Logic empowers your business with the versatility and efficiency of BI Publisher to streamline your reporting processes and enhance decision-making.

How Simple Logic Can Help You

Leverages the robust capabilities of Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher to streamline reporting processes and enhance decision-making for a wide range of organizations. Our expertise ensures that BI publisher’s versatile features are fully harnessed, we help in designing flexible reporting templates, connecting BI Publisher to various data sources and employing reporting elements to provide you with comprehensive, scalable, and secure solutions.

BI Publisher Features

Expanding your reporting horizons with
multiple data export choices


Transforming your data into
valuable insights

Integrated With Oracle

Seamlessly work with various Oracle BI solutions, Including Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle BI Suite Plus, Oracle BI foundation, and PeopleSoft Enterprise.

Enhanced Efficiency

BI publisher efficiently processes large volumes of data, handling thousands of documents per hour with minimal CPU and memory usage, ensuring scalability.

Global Language Support

With Multilingual and territory capabilities, BI Publisher features a translated user interface, making it an ideal choice for a unified global instance.

Improved User Experience

Crafting accurate reports is easy with intuitive drag-and-drop layout tools. It also simplifies report management by supporting multiple layouts for a single dataset, reducing the need for numerous reports.

Boosted Flexibility

BI Publisher’s separate data logic, layout, and translation functions simplifies maintenance and enhances flexibility.

Oracle BI Publisher: Where Insights Begin and End With You

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