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Oracle APEX

The canvas for your application masterpiece

Oracle Apex Services

Turning data into dynamic solutions
with Oracle APEX

In today’s IT landscape many organizations rely on Oracle apex software as a fundamental component of their mission critical systems. The uninterrupted availability of these database is vital to achieving mission statement and business objectives. To ensure that these systems are always up and running a proactive approach to monitoring and maintenance is essential.

Simple Logic is a proactive solution designed to address the critical need for monitoring and maintaining the uptime of Oracle databases within an organizations IT infrastructure.

Solutions We Offer

Health Checkup

Facilitating efficient data management and patient monitoring

Performance Tunning

Optimize system efficiency and responsiveness for peak application performance

Recovery Services

Safeguard your critical data and ensure business continuity

Cross-Platform Migration

Simplify cross-platform migration while preserving application functionality

Version Upgrades

Provides streamlined version upgrades to keep your applications current and secure

Installation | Configuration | Implementation

Ensuring a seamless and efficient deployment process


Minimizing the complexity with
multi-faceted applications


Accelerating application development
with Low-code efficiency

Low Code Development

APEX’s user-friendly visual development environment empowers individuals of all skill levels to effortlessly create websites without the need for coding, ensuring a seamless and inclusive web development experience.

Rich Features

APEX is your comprehensive toolkit for web development, offering a versatile array of features, from interactive forms and dynamic reports to captivating charts and integrated maps, making it a valuable resource for crafting compelling websites.

Scalability and Security

APEX, leveraged on Oracle Database, provides the foundation for scalable and secure websites. It fortifies your online presence with robust built-in security features, encompassing role-based access control and data encryption, ensuring both performance and peace of mind for your web projects.

Mobile Support

APEX applications seamlessly adapt to both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring universal accessibility for all your users and simplifying the process of creating websites that cater to a diverse audience.

Pioneering the Future of Rapid Development: Oracle APEX

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