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Modernize sales success with field sales
unleash the power of transformation

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Transmuting field sales into business growth

Unlock remarkable sales growth with our Field Sales Application. Our comprehensive solution empowers sales teams with state-of-the-art product presentations, lead identification, task reminders, elevate sales performance, and daily target assessments, simplifying the daily tasks of sales professionals.

Tailored to meet the unique demands of your industry, our application streamlines operations for effortless business expansion. Furthermore, our seamless integration with existing ERP systems, such as Oracle EBS, SAP, and Custom ERP solutions, guarantees a fluid and efficient workflow, setting the stage for unprecedented success.

Our Offerings

Strengthening your sales team
with METAL


Elevating sales performance your key to
remarkable sales growth

AI/ML for Data Analysis

By acting as an invaluable assistant to Field Sales Executives, our analysis application significantly enhances sales productivity.

Market Survey

Encourage your customers to participate in quick and effortless surveys, gaining valuable insights into their purchasing behaviors for targeted sales strategies.

Reports in Mobile

Executives can effortlessly transmit reports via their mobile devices, streamlining the process for reporting heads to comprehensively assess executive performance.

Leave Management

Easily submit your planned leave requests through the app for swift management approval, with instant notifications confirming your leave status.

Nearest Customer

Discover potential customers in your immediate vicinity to boost your sales opportunities.

Offline Application

Our application operates seamlessly without the need for an internet connection, allowing field sales executives to place orders even in remote areas with limited connectivity.

Additional Features

Continuing to deliver unmatched power through our features

Attendance Management

Simplify attendance for field sales with Real-Time location tracking

Book Orders

Effortless order booking with METAL all you need at your fingertips

Add Retailer

Expand Your Reach with METAL effortlessly and onboard new retailers

Visit Reports

Gain insight into your field sales activities and track your team’s movements with ease

Institutional Sales

Simplify Bulk Sales with Instant Quotes and Approvals

Journey Planning

Effortless travel planning
keep upper management in the loop

Expense Management

All-in-One sales tracking
easily manage expenses on the go

Market Information

Unlock Consumer Insights with Market Surveys

Customer Services

Elevate sales tracking and customer feedback with METAL

AI-Powered Sales Application

  • AI is at the forefront of the sales application landscape, offering invaluable support to field sales representatives in enhancing lead volume, quality, and closing rates. The ultimate goal is to boost productivity by harnessing the power of technology while salespeople are in the field.
  • This technology’s potential lies in its ability to automate and streamline significant portions of the sales process, freeing up the sales team to focus on closing deals. Notably, sales leaders anticipate a remarkable 155% growth in AI adoption by 2024, with high-performing sales teams being 4.9 times more likely to embrace AI compared to their counterparts.

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